Monday, December 16, 2013

MoodHoops Polypro hoop review

The first hoop owned not made by myself is my LED MoodHoop
Second, Polypro hoop made by MoodHoops as well. Words can't describe my excitement when receiving this package. I've been making my own and purchasing various tapes since 2011. It's about time I got a nice real Polypro hoop!
MoodHoops are all collapsible. Making it much easier for travel. The shape doesn't even deform! No weight is added from the push button - so no weight added to decrease isolating. The weight itself let's you do so much more, with beautiful flow. I can finally do breaks without it eventually going lop sided!
I got the translucent aqua Polypro, and it's even more beautiful in person. The package came with 80 grit sand paper to use for inside grip if desired.
Another reason I love MoodHoops is because they come with lovely stickers and business cards (yes, I get excited over business cards).
I apologize for the horrible photo quality, and my lack of make-up. Haha. 
Check out MoodHoops amazing LED toys and polypro hoops here


  1. I cannot hula-hoop to save me life!!!!

    1. Sure you can! Just takes a bit of practice. Really good workout and tons of fun!
      I have a blog (Super hooper harlynn - first sponsor button) all about hooping. You should check it out! c:
      Fair warning, it's a very addicting sport! Haha.

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