Thursday, December 26, 2013

Spending Christmas different than usual

      In the past, I've always spent Christmas with my mom's side at my grandparents house. This year I decided not to go - to avoid any tension, and spent it with my boyfriend's family. For the first time I got to meet his mother's husband. All together it was him, his sister, his mother, and the two of us. I couldn't have had a better time.

      Nice traditional ham dinner, watched Christmas shows following some brain teaser show on National Geographic. His little sister, only 4 years old, can read and learns with her tablet. She also loves Spiderman and Batman over My Little Pony or Dora. We played with her Batman house, which I must say was hard considering I have a thing out for the Batman and the lack of Joker toy. I managed by using Robin, haha. Overall it wasn't awkward and very laid back, just how one would want to spend Christmas.
      His sister and I had a little photoshoot, as she was fascinated to see herself on the screen of the camera while taking pictures. Even caught her picking her nose. c; 

How was your Christmas spent this year?


  1. My Christmas was spent as usual. up cmas morning for cmas here at home. then went 30 miles away to spend cmas with my mom's side. had lunch, played with babies and opened gifts and watched the babies open gifts and just enjoy themselves. over all it was great. cant wait to have different tradions one day. and cant wait to spend holidays with my sweetie when that time comes. glad you had great one.

  2. It sounds like you had a good Christmas! The holidays away from family are always a little strange but I'm glad being with his family wasn't awkward! Have a happy new year!!!

  3. lovely pictures dear !! thanks for the follow :) i am following you on GFC and on BLoglovin :) xx

  4. Aw she's so cute--I love watching kids play to the camera, it's pretty much adorable! Glad you had a great Christmas!!