Monday, December 9, 2013

The Advent Challenge: White Christmas

The Advent Challenge is created wonderfully by Lydia of Journals of a Piccolo Pixie. about really feeling the Christmas spirit. Each day, listen to a different Christmas song and write about what the meaning is to you. To learn more, view the song playlist, and join in click here!

Day 9: White Christmas - Bing Crosby

First off, I do remember as a child at a birthday party the Bozo the local clown randomly popped in front of me and started singing this song. No, I wasn't horrified - as I love clowns. I was utterly embarrassed! 

Not only the song, but the artist really hits me. Growing up I only saw my father's side once a year, Christmas Eve. This is due to the fact my mother hated us going to the ghetto of Detroit, where my Grandfather and Uncle Rick (my dad's oldest brother) lived. If I was lucky, I would get to go visit with my dad randomly throughout the year. My grandfather and uncle both passed, and my grandmother had when I was 2. So I don't remember much of her. What I do remember was how magical that house was. The feeling is indescribable. Better than Christmas morning. 
I'd play with my cousin Kayleigh who is my age, explore the duplex (that was fully owned by my grandfather), notice the black and white Christmas movie on TV, and in the background was Jim Reeves and some Bing Crosby. Every year I ask my dad what the artist is that played - as I am forgetful. 

Here in Michigan, we always have a white christmas. 


  1. Love this little challenge, especially since christmas music is my favorite! and I love when you can remember feelings like that, as well as memories, beautiful

    1. I love this challenge also, Christmas music has so much feeling with it. I think because it's the most shared season of the year.