Sunday, December 1, 2013

'Tis the season to chuck snowballs

Living in Michigan has it's ups and downs. One thing I do love is experiencing all the seasons. Swimming at the beach, playing disc golf and planting tulips, jumping in a pile of leaves, and throwing snowballs.
Winter can get annoying without a car. Also annoying with one, as people forget how to drive the first site of snow (the horrible construction doesn't help either).
Enough complaining! 
Here's a few of my favorite things about this season.

Snowball fights

Making snowmen

Baking sugar cookies after a cold day outside

Hot chocolate

Snow Angels

Attempting to make slushies it's with snow

Watching my pup (Oliver) hop like a bunny through 3 feet of snow

Attempting to create an igloo

What's December like where you live?


  1. if you could imagine a snow less December, with 10 to 12 degree Celsius of temperature with so much more silence than the summer, blossoming flowers, cleaner air. That's Winters to me. :)
    This was a very pretty description. Have good winters. :D

  2. I can't even begin to imagine that much snow. I think that's why I'm a Texas girl through and through :)

    1. I always wanted to experience Christmas without snow.
      It'd be so much different!