Friday, January 3, 2014

The war on polymer clay

I've read various posts on personal views towards polymer clay and health hazards. What confused me was the "facts" provided. The biggest controversy I've stumbled upon was whether or not its safe to use polymer clay in gauged ears. Fed up with ignorance, I emailed the company FIMO for an exact answer. 

The response:
"With your e-mail you have reached the STAEDTLER headquarters in Germany. Thank you very much for your interest in our modelling clay FIMO.

FIMO is conform to all European and American laws concerning product safety such as CE (EN71, part 5) and ACMI. It easily surpasses all minimum standards and requirements inflicted by the European and American authorities. Well-known American toxicologists classified FIMO as a harmless product which is not harmful to health. Since 2006 we do not use any softening agents with phthalates.

Fimo is safe for contact with skin for example as a necklace but we cannot recommend Fimo for gauged ears. For this type of application special tests and approvals are necessary which have not been carried out with FIMO.

If you are just sanding a small area of FIMO with sandpaper, it is no problem. But if you are using a grinding machine for a larger area it is better to use a protection mask as you should  no matter what you are sanding (e. g. wood).

Kind regards, 

Annette Hofesmann
Customer Service"

So as it seems, using polymer clay in healed gauged ears is just as hazardous as wearing a necklace against bare skin. I personally don't have an opinion towards using the material to stretch ears out. On the contrary, the only decent argument was how porous the clay is. The same person recommends silicone and bone instead...which are both porous as well. The only thing I can think of as why one shouldn't use the clay in ears is a personal allergy. The argument may never have an end, but I've done all I possibly can to find an answer. 

What's your view on using polymer clay in gauged ears? 
If you have before, what was the reaction (if any)?


  1. Interesting article! I've never actually owned any clay plugs.