Thursday, February 27, 2014

Giveaway + Ginger Mandy Photography


       I'm honored to say I had the privilege to interview Mandy of Ginger Mandy Photography. I love her prints, as they're very different. There's a perfect print for anybody, you just have to explore them all! My personal favorites are the scrabble tiles collection. 

How long have you been a photographer?

I got my first DSLR in December 2010 and after taking more than 2,000 photos on a 2-month trip to California that spring, I decided to start selling prints on Etsy because it was so much fun to edit them and see what I could create.

What inspired you to start the art of photography?

The movie Where The Heart Is with Natalie Portman. Silly, I know, but after that movie, I developed a huge interest in it. Once I started blogging in 2008, I had the itch to get into photography and finally got my hands on a good quality camera.

Did you learn the skill on your own, schooling, from a friend, etc...?

I learned it all on my own. A friend showed me the basics of shooting in manual, and from there I refused to take it out of manual until it became second nature to me. The whole point of having a DSLR is to know how to use it, and I was determined to figure it out.

What's your favorite style of photography?

I don’t really have a favorite style, I find things I like in just about everything.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

I’m honestly not sure, it could be anything from a cool tree to a TV show that lights a fire under my ass and gives me the urge to pick up my camera. I hardly take any photos in the winter because everything is uninteresting to me, and instead focus on writing, working out and more recently, climbing. Come spring, I’m sure I’ll be dying to get out and take photos of the pretty things happening outside. I’ve realized that photography is very hot/cold for me. I don’t think I’ve taken any new photos for my shop since November.

Do you consider it a hobby or a career?

It’s a hobby, but I like the extra cash flow that comes from my shop. I know everyone says you shouldn’t do things for the money, and I don’t do that entirely, but I really love taking photos and listing them in my shop because it makes me happy when someone enjoys my work enough to hang it on their wall or gift it to a loved one.

Share a memory from a favorite photo shoot.

In 2011, I was doing a photoshoot for a girl who wanted some new stuff for her modeling portfolio. We mostly did it for fun and the experience. While walking around a lake to find some nice spots, we found some construction equipment that said “fuck bitches” on it and had penises spraypainted all over it. So of course that was our prop for the afternoon. I wish I could find more photos from that, but you can find one of them here.

Tell us a little about yourself. Anything – shoot!

I’m 6 years older than Micaela (Harlynn? Is that what I call her here? Whatever, I like both names). I started climbing with my fiance last month and I’m completely addicted, partly because I want to scare boys with my big muscles. I like big butts and I cannot lie! Oh, and if you check out my Etsy shop, I also do custom orders on my Scrabble tile photos if there’s a specific word or phrase you’d like on one of them. The sillier, the better.

You can find her on Etsy here.
You can find her blog here


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  2. Great interview! Seems like an awesome blogger :)
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  4. Her prints are cute, funny and pretty! What a great collection.

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