Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meijer finds

      Since my life is so adventurous, I figured I'd share my awesome finds while at Meijer. 

Hello Kitty remote control car
      I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty. If they had this when I was younger, I'd go ballistic! Shit, I'll go ballistic to have it now, hehe. 
Hello Kitty view master
       Remember these awesome toys as a kid? Put in the film and click the side to switch the picture. Well, they have a decked out Hello Kitty one now! If these weren't so boring, I just might have gotten one for myself.

Wreck it Ralph Vanellope figurine
      I love Wreck it Ralph, and Vanellope is my favorite character! "As Princess, my first command is for everybody who was ever mean to me be executed". Such a cutie. 

 50 cent machine 
      Looking at the prizes shown, I was excited to get a prize from the "county fair". What did I get? A balloon. Yes, a balloon. So I tried again. I got another balloon. Is this even okay to put as a 50 cent machine prize?!


  1. Oh I miss Meijer! We're supposed to get one down here in Southern Indiana sometime this year. I cannot wait!

    1. I love Meijer, it's my go-to for everything. c:
      Besides Target of course. :P

  2. I remember those view masters, haha. I remember Furby used to be really popular back then too. Hello Kitty is awesome. The funny thing is I think 18-25 year old women like Hello Kitty more than most kids do in my experience. Not that it's a bad thing!

    Tiffany @ writingitinblue.blogspot.

    1. That's so true about Hello Kitty! Haha.

  3. The HK viewfinder - so great! I still want that now haha.