Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First Facebook Giveaway

      Since I'm so grateful to have over 100 likes on my fanpage, I'm hosting a giveaway! 
You can find my fanpage here

First place will be receiving a duct tape pouch hand made by myself. Mustache and lace print. 
Second place will be receiving a mini monster felt plushie hand sewn by myself.   

How to enter:
- Like Mind Your Madness on Facebook 
- Like, share, and comment on this picture
Winner will be announced April 1st

Good luck everybody!! c: 


  1. You mean in order to get a cute pouch made from duct tape I have to enter a give away :(

    1. Indeed. >:D
      I'm sure you'll get one regardless. ;p

  2. Congratulations Harlynn on your readership! Great giveaway!

  3. Congratulations! sooo cute prizes. is the giveaway open internationally?
    by the way, i have an on-going giveaway too! hope you can join :))

  4. Great one:) of course I've entered:) FB name: Style of One


  5. haha geat one :)


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  7. Yaaay! Go Harlynn!!!
    Congrats...and I'm entering! That wallet is mine!!!

  8. Congrats Harlynn!!
    I'm joining your giveaway again.. hehe
    The pouch and plushie is really cute.. ^_^