Friday, March 28, 2014

Harlynn or Micaela?

      I'm going to tell you a little story about my nickname Harlynn. My given nickname was actually Harley, like harlequin. I enjoined this. It explained my personality and what I basically did in the area. Entertained, like a little harlequin. Just minus the royal family and friends.

      One day I was walking with some friends to play basketball. Playing basketball with a bunch of black guys was on my bucket list. Anyways, some recently seen faces show up in a car - with one in paticular. He was looking at me in the same strange way. I asked if I knew him, and he responded "I don't know, do you?". It was then I knew I in fact did not. As they drove off he yelled out the window "I'd love to ride me a Harley!". It was then I knew he was in fact a douche bag. Why wasn't I smarter than the douche bag here? I must have not thought too hard on it. 

      Why the change to Harlynn? It's my paternal grandpa's name. Couldn't tell you shit about him. Just know he smoked himself away and had red hair. That reminds me of myself, ha.  He spelled it the typical male way, like Harlin I believe. I thought it sounded pretty. Just spelled with different vowels does the trick, haha.  I also enjoined the fact it was similar to Harley. So I like to use HarlynnQuinn at times for things. Has a ring to it. 

      My real name is Micaela. Not Makayla. It's Micheal with an "a", but without the "h" so it looks pretty. No, that's not really why, I just happen to think its a good coincidence.


  1. Micaela is a common name here in Argentina, I thought it was a latin name, are you part latin? :P

  2. That's so cool that you have your grandpa's name!

  3. I really thought your nickname was after the superhero :) But your story is more interesting!

    1. It derived from Harlequin, so it kinda is. Haha.

  4. i was wondering about the history of your name. thanks for your sharing your story.

  5. I like Micaela. :D