Monday, March 24, 2014

Update on Gypzilla

      So my mom picked up my kitty Gypsy from my ex a few days ago. The day after I saw her in the morning and asked how Gypsy was doing her first night. My mom replied

"Well...*sigh* she's a brat. Haha". 

       It's true. Anyways. We all love her. However, she apparently was hissing. See, she got this new food. It's that Blue shit and all natural. My ex got her on it. Which I'm happy about vs Meow Mix. My lil devil apparently hisses at anybody near her food now. My pup Oliver was checking it out, as they used to piss each other off and eat each others food in the past. He didn't know, but surprisingly got hissed at. I find this hilarious, because she knows he has senior rights. 

      She also knocked a few things while climbing the tallest display shelf/book shelf in the friggen house, behind the television. She's previously been spotted several times sitting on the dish washer while loading it, and once outside the shower curtain on the side of the tub while I was showering. I flipped out and scared her, but I didn't expect that. Haha. Should have thought not to scare her anywhere near a tub. >.> 



  1. Glad you got your kitty back. Maybe she wanted a bath :p we should chat soon. i miss hearing from you friend ;)

  2. HaHaHa Gypzilla is something else. Glad she's back though.

  3. I hiss at people who come near my food, too! ;P

  4. But...she's so cute! And my cat always hissed at the or no food! Mind you she had senior rights. ^_^

    1. Thanks!!
      Haha, mine can get along with our pup on occasion.