Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Dateless in Dallas
I'm taking part in a weekend recap post hosted by Dateless in Dallas and Showered with Design.

      This weekend I actually got out. I got to go and do something!! Yay! My friend and I hit up the bar to shoot some pool and since I just turned 21. I got a shot of whiskey, and we were straight up pool sharks. Shortly before we left we were asked to team up against to guys, but we had to get the car back before her boyfriend had to work. We definitely could have wont a few dollars though!! Haha. 


  1. hahaha.. ohh that sounds like fun!! I love playing pool, I'm not that great though.. lol..

  2. I love playing pool, if only I were good at it.

    Thanks for linkin' up!! :)

    1. Pool is super fun!!
      No problem, love link-ups. c: