Friday, April 4, 2014

Etsy finds

      How awesome is this spoon? I mean, I never thought in a million years I'd want a spoon so badly. Puns are my favorite type of humor, and this is just great. You can find it for $16.00 from MilkandHoneyLuxuries.

      Love this novelty item. Guns aren't toys, but they can be formed into soap. Imagine scaring off those "down to earth" people who come by for a visit. Hehe. I'd host a Tupperware party and bring out these bad boys. You can find them for $6.95 from AubreyEApothecary

      This is actually a custom listing for any shape you'd like for your echo box (for lack of a better term). I love the cat though! You can find it for $400.00 from CelentanoWoodworks.

      Attracting Japanese cats since 2014. Apparently cats in Japan don't "Meow", that's english of course. They  have more of a "Nyan" sound to their voice. Weird, but cool. You can find this necklace for $12.00 from emandsprout.

      It's said that an elephant with it's trunk up is good luck. Ever since hearing this, I've been obsessed with elephants. I love these because they're such a basic color with glitter. I love glitter. You can find these for $38.00 from WishDaisy.

      How cute is this little dish?! I love the umbrella look. You can find it for $42.50 from TheWhitePepper.

      I'm in love with these style sandals, crocheted clothing, and specifically this design!! The stars make it have a cutesy look to it while the colors are perfect for me. You can find these for $12.00 from NatkaLV.

      I don't play minecraft, but the children I babysat were obsessed! I also don't support diamonds, which makes this a perfect little necklace. I love the look of it, makes out the pixel appearance perfectly. This item is currently sold, but you can find others and request this particular necklace from BlackBirdCreations88


  1. Love the spoon, that is cute, my husband and girls would love that as they are crazy for cereal! The soap is funny. I hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. Cat ukulele FTW!!! So cute!!!!!

  3. I love etsy!! That spoon is amazeballs!

  4. That umbrella would make a cute jewelry dish!

    1. It would! It'd be perfect for bracelets and such. c:

  5. i love the spoons that are imprinted. so cool