Sunday, April 27, 2014

On Wednesdays we wear pink

      I took a which Mean Girls character are you quiz on Facebook. Turns out I'm Regina George. What the fuck? All I can say is bitches better watch out. Might end up in my burn book blog. 

      At Kroger last week with my friend Hope the self-checkout didn't thank us for shopping at Kroger. This was unsatisfactory. As we were on our way out I confronted a worker saying the machine didn't thank us for shopping at their store. He looked shocked, threw a few "uh" and "whaaaa" at me and thanked us for shopping at Kroger. 

Oh my God I am Regina George. 

      I've finally been fed up enough to end things with my boyfriend of over a year. He spends more time playing video games than acknowledging my existence or even sleeping. My plans were to move back in with my step-brother but settle down this time. Really organize my room and make it feel like home. Enjoy the freedom and get myself together. I have a lot I need to get together. However my brother says he enjoys living alone, and I'd rather not be a bother. Even if that risks a huge factor in my life. It does hold me back a hell of a lot.. 



  1. Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George... haha

  2. oh no lol. regina. oh man. what a girl. i'm glad i'm well above the age where my peers act like that.
    A Beautiful Zen

  3. I just posted a video to your fb that you should watch and it would go great with this post LOL. Anyways...Im glad you're wanting to make yourself happy girl. where will you be staying if you can't stay with your bro? message me girl. we should talk. I'm proud of you for finally getting away from that. that's not a relationship. you know i'm here.

  4. Well done doll, you have to do things for yourself sometimes & if you feel someone isn't treating you as you need, then you either give them another chance or move on!! Well done, I hope the living arrangements work out and you can go and blossom on from this!! xx

  5. It's always hard to break away when you're unsure of what your next move will be. I hope it all works out for you. Your happiness is first!

    1. That's definitely true! Thanks Jessica.

  6. I want to take that quiz! If you got her, I can imagine who I'll get. Always do what's best for you Harlynn. Everything will come together.

  7. I took this same quiz earlier today and got Gretchen, haha. I also did a post all about this movie -

  8. I got the best character: DAMIAN!!!!
    "You go Glenn Coco!"