Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shady sheep

      It's officially been 2-weeks since surgery. 2 more to go before I can workout again. This is pure bullshit, I need to get better. I need to get in my hoop again, start going to the gym periodically, learn how to walk on my hands. Everybody just says to let my body rest, and eventually I'll get back into the feel of things. It's hard waiting though. 

Once I can exercise again, I'm gonna be all...


      I've become addicted to Animal Crossing - New Leaf. Please tell me I'm not the only one. The creatures are so cute, and being mayor is some damn work. Catching fish and ground bugs pisses me off most, as I fail at doing so the majority of the time. I'm a cheap ass and usually just collect some oranges and random bugs then go to the Re-Tail recycle center to sell them. One evening on my way I decided to stop and say hi to a fellow resident "Baabara" (she's a sheep). Apparently she noticed I had just caught a Long Locust, as my newest goal was to bring Baabara a friggen Long Locust. After I dealt with that wench I decided to say hello to Pebbles, who then requested an orange. Who the hell do these animals think I am? The friggen muffin man? Short one Long Locust and one orange, I proceeded to the Re-Tail shop and sold what I had left. 

Have you been into any games lately?


  1. You know i like games. I love fashion story and Song Pop. If you love music you'll love this game. you should play with me.


  2. I love New Leaf! But if you have it: always give them what they want! the coveted prize is their portrait!!!

    1. Yeah but the prize I get in return is shit!
      I don't want a damn polka dot tee for a long loctus, scammers. >.>

  3. You can do it doll, once this wait is over - you can be all wooooo...workout like mad, but not too crazy and hurt yourself and have to rest again, haha!! x

  4. Oh noes, I understand how you feel. Hope you are fine soon.
    I avoid getting addicted to games.. the last one I was crazy about was Line Play, but haven't been playing for a while.
    I have a blog link up (my first and possibly last one ;)) going on, welcome to join :)

  5. definitely wait until you heal. if not you'll have to start all over again.