Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sister Mary Eunice

      After devouring the first season of American Horror Story (and falling in love with Tait Langdon), I had to get myself into the second season. Not going to lie, I'm not one to get into television. However this show is amazing. It's morbid, twisted, and gets in your head in all the right places. This season one of my favorite characters is by far Sister Mary Eunice. 

      From sweet innocent nun to chaotic devil - is it bad I like the second half of her more? At first I wasn't too fond of her. Her sweet appearance and pouts about every little thing. It even pissed me off when she'd disregard knocking before entering her fellow sisters office. That all changed when a fellow patient came with a possesion to die for. Changing the life of not only Miss.Eunice, but many around her. 

      My favorite scene is by far the "You don't own me" with her little red dress. It's perfect, and I even got chills. Maybe I smoke too much...I couldn't find the scene on YouTube but I did find a nice tribute short and close enough. Hope you enjoy, and get a chance to watch the series for yourself. It's by far worthwhile. 


  1. Oooh, I love this show...the second season was awesome. Love her in the third one too. My favourite character as well besides the boy, ha! I hope you keep enjoying it :)) xx

    1. Can't wait to get into the third!!
      I have one episode left of the second. c:

  2. LOVED the second season of American Horror Story! Oh man! So good! Zachary Quinto was a terrifyingly uncomfortable character, woah!

    I didn't really enjoy the first season (wasn't very scary or suspenseful to me), so I didn't expect much from the second, but WOW was I wrong! Can't wait to start on the third now that it's done airing!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

    1. Same here!! c:
      I enjoyed the first season in a totally different way.