Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gold lion

      Since Dan and I split I've been living back with my step-brother. My room got a nice cleaning and I forgot about a few things I've had over here. Including the gold lion drawing on my wall. 

      The Yeah Yeah Yeahs inspired this drawing with their hit Gold Lion. I of course listened to it the entire time I drew. The meaning behind the song is very hard to grasp if not looked into. After looking into it I grabbed my metallic gold sharpie and wanted one of my own. 

      Do you have any crazy wall art?


  1. That's such an awesome drawing! Hope things are going well back at your step-bro's house.

  2. Sweet drawing! Thanks for sharing a bit of your past with us :)

  3. no wall art but I want owls. Lots and lots of owls. Love this though. :p miss your post girl. esp the one about your mail you got.

    1. I wish I could draw an owl for you on your wall!

  4. There's a post or two you should make. and I hope you're enjoying these gifts. Waiting on that call. drunk or not

  5. Your gold lion drawing looks so cool! HaHa Love it!