Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer bucket list

      This summer sucks horribly compared to last summer. It's hard not to think about. Honestly I wish last year I would have taken advantage of the summer a bit more. Now that it's almost July 2014 I should probably focus on this year. What's a better way than making a bucket list? Ehh? Figure I'll carry it around in my wallet and cross shit off as I live through this summer. All I have to do is whip up a list..

      7/11 now has a Vernors slushie. It's friggen delicious. They also have mustache straws. Personally I favor the metallic straws, but it is what it is.

Try Vernors slushie
Find a job
Spend a day with Angelika
Build a life size sand castle
Go on an adventure
Make money hula hooping
Hula hoop with hooping friends
Make a new friend
Teach somebody how to hula hoop
Learn something new
Go to the zoo with my mum
Get into new sport
Play volleyball


  1. Life size sand castle...that sounds AMAZING!!!

  2. Oh how I miss 7-11, they're no where to be found here in Ga. When we visited Florida last summer we found one and had slurpees each day we were there. I hope you are able to cross off all the things you wanted to do on your list.

  3. Lovely post!xx
    Your blog is really amazing!
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    Keep in touch xoxo
    Love,Antonella <3

  4. Good luck with your Summer bucket list! I think it's about time I make my own. :)

  5. Good luck for job finding. Ah it's been 3 years since I visited zoo!

  6. This is a great list!! Good luck with the job hunting too. Ummm...vernors slushie!?! What....I need one, how I miss slushies :))) x

  7. For some dumb ass reason I am missing your posts. Not sure why. I also miss you and miss hearing from you. miss seeing texts from you and fb messages and letters too :( I miss my Harlynn :( I really hope you accomplish all on this list girl. And I do love that straw. Send me one :p j/k although that would be great. still waiting on those stickers. and a text from you. :(

  8. I'm quite jealous of the mustache straw. :| lol If you ever do make that sand castle, you MUST take pictures and share!!!

  9. figured you'd wanna join this happy mail thing. looks and sounds fun.