Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Comics and paint jobs

      The other day driving down Gratiot I spotted this nifty Hulk paint job. Makes me miss auto body. Never got the chance to learn all about painting before I had to quit. Lately I've been confused as to what it is I want to do with my life. Circus arts, auto body, sculpting, phlebotomy, writing...can't I just master them all and make serious bank?! 

      Something on my bucket list I have yet to cross off is collecting old comics to read. Superheroes and villains have definitely caught my attention. More so villains, hehe. I've been asking the question Superman or Batman to pretty much everybody. The explanations I've gotten as to why the preference is quite interesting. 

      Who do you favor over the two, Superman or Batman?


  1. I would so love to ride around in a comic painted car. How cool would that be?
    I used to want my room painted in graffiti tagging. I never got to do it, but I still love the idea.
    I've been slightly away from the blogland recently and haven't had so much time to visit blogs I'm used to visiting, so I'm really glad I stopped by today. Hope you're having an awesome week.!

    1. My buddy in high school tagged my wall, I'd love to learn myself and jazz up the walls in my new house!! I've been using mobile blogger lately and slacking lately too, but glad you stopped by!! One of my favorite bloggers! <3