Monday, October 6, 2014

My brother has two birthdays

      He was born at home October 4th. The perimetics didn't show up until the 5th. Therefore his birth certificate claims the 5th though it's actually the 4th. Lucky bastard. 

      On the 5th our parents took us along with our buddy Jesse for Dinner at Mongolian BBQ. They didn't cook my tofu long enough. On the contrary, the Mongolian ginger sauce was good on vegetarian like the workers said. 

      I learned I was a master ski-ball playa this trip to Dave & Busters. Even got compliments from elders, ahaha. Since I was in middle school I was boss at basket ball, so I played the basket ball game. Asked the dude playing the same game next to me if he wanted to verse. I beat him. Afterwards proceeded to the huge crane game, which I managed to somehow break unintentionally...shhh.

      My mom and step-dad played Mario Kart. 'Twas adorable. I had to explain the mom through the items and how to use them as she played. First game she got 3rd, not bad!

      Prizes are always the best part. Gather up your tickets and go shopping! I had enough for a pixie stick and an LED mouth piece. My brotha had much more in the bank, but decided to keep it for next time. Almost decided on a very manly mustache (see above). Jesse got a hackey sack. Buttface refuses to play with me until I improve my skills...pffff. He won a nice watch in the jewelry crane game. Honestly the first person I know who has won that thing!  


  1. I love your hoodie! And I love skeeball! Now I want to go play some!

    1. Girl I'll take ya at skeeball anyday! ;p