Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Paranormal activity in a photograph

      A buddy of mind posted this picture on Facebook with the caption freaking out about something in the dark corner. I find it humorous because he doesn't even believe in paranormal activity. Knowing me, I edited the pictures exposure, and here's what I got in result...

      Can you now see the girl? Her head is tilted to the right, glowing white eyes, wearing a dress with a rope or ribbon around her waist. Holy shit I love these moments in life. However, the evil can stay far from me!! Haha. 

      While in the hospital (psych ward) a man claimed to have tons of photos proving his "nonsense" stories. He was diagnosed with psychosis in result. A few days go by, and his sons bring him a package full of pictures. Each had crazy activity in the background. Best part? The pictures were from a disposal camera, so editing them on a computer isn't an option. The doctor probably didn't even know what to think. 

      Have you experienced paranormal activity in a photograph?


  1. I love it! I have caught things on film before, and EVP! I love ghost stuff!