Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tackling the tasks

      Procrastination gets the best of us all. When the days start to blend together, the mental and physical mess just grows. Here's a few methods of getting shit done. 

      Stick to a schedule
When the days begin to blend together, you're probably lacking a schedule. No this doesn't necessarily mean planning out your day hour by hour. Simply using a notepad to list the tasks you need to tackle in the day and crossing them off throughout will help keep a clear mind and organized attitude. 

      Give yourself a time limit
Schedules usually fail when cram packed with a timely "every 30-minutes" plan. Once you make the list, give yourself a time you'd like to be done by. Say you'd like to tackle everything by 5pm, stretch out each task according to doing so. 

Stretching is an incredible factor for physical health. See my post on stretching for further info. Having time set aside during the day to do a 15-minute stretch or yoga session will keep a clear anxiety free mind. 

Especially when it comes to tasks such as cleaning or unpacking, music is motivation. Set up a playlist or set your music to shuffle before cleaning up or unpacking a room. Your adrenalin will rush as well as increased positive mood. 

      Break it down
Nobody wants to be overloaded. Be sure to take big tasks and break them down into smaller ones. Reducing stress and time. 

      Invest in a planner
Having a planner to keep all the appointments or little Sally's ballet classes in is a huge organizing factor. My mother has always used one and is by far the most organized person I know. 

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