Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Color of Wonder Woman

      As soon as I saw these super hero inspired nail polishes I had to grab Wonder Woman (it was the last one too). You can get yourself a polish at Five Below

      The color is a coral red, and really does remind you of Wonder Woman. I only used one coat, but could use a second for an extra pop. As gorgeous as the color is, this polish was a pain the the ass! Drying time varies from 10-15 minutes, adding a second coat adds on time. It also stains pretty bad. I driped some on my hand and it took 2-days to take the stuff off with nail polish remover

      What super hero polish would you want? 


  1. I have a polish colored almost like this, but I kind of want that one just for the bottle! I'm a bit of a nail polish hoarder :x

    PS Love the new layout! :)

  2. Wow.. it's so bright! Too bad it took forever to dry D: