Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friendship 101

      Simplicity at its best, couldn't have said it better myself Buddha. I've analyzed my friendships with girls and came to the conclusion a handful are just...cunts. In their own way, but mainly by being selfish, disrespectful, and even phony. I shouldn't risk my own happiness for a friend unless they'd do the same in return. 

      This is my homegirl. One of my many friends, but by far my closest. She's selfless and we have a lot of different things in common. Honestly my friendship with her made me realize how messed up some of my other friendships are. We make each other friendship bracelets and she makes beautiful yet comfy infinity scarves. They also smell like Heaven. 

      This would be my homeboy. We met in the hospital and still talk/hangout. This would be one of my few guy friends who isn't an asshole or douche bag in any way. Now that's rare.

      This is my other homeboy, Jesse. You may remember him from previous posts. I also met him in the hospital, and he stayed with my brother and I for a good month. His brothers appreciate the help I've given him and keep in touch with me. Jesse and I check up on each other with a phone call every week or so, but it's only every so often I get to see him. It was one of the highlights of my week. 

      We took a trip to Oakland mall where I haven't been in forever. Homeboys cousin was with us and asked what store to find a decent amount of CD's. Where else other than FYE? He's from Ohio where they don't have this amazing store. While he was in wonderland browsing, I played around with the goodies in the back. Dig the catbug hat? 

     For Christmas Jesse hooked me up with some nifty plugs. I've been without any plugs or tunnels in about a year due to lack of funds. My inch lobes shrunk to a 5/8. I plan to go back to an inch, but for now this size is pretty comfy. 

      If you want a happy healthy social life, don't keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Eliminate the enemies and realize who your true friends are. Once you've done that, never let them slip away.