Monday, December 8, 2014

Ginger snaps

      Again I introduce my mini me, Amber. Babysitting is rough when you've got five kids running around. Unless of course you're watching Miss.Amber, in which case she is an angel!! Must be the red hair. 

      My first time watching her and the four other kids, one of the parents assumed she was my child (Amber's mom and dad both have dirty blonde hair)

      My buddy Cory wanted me to tag along when he got his septum pierced a few days ago. Now we're twin gingers with awesome beanies, and a septum piercing. I had mine pierced by a professional at his house when I was 15. Incase you're curious what it feels like to get your septum pierced...think of that sensational pause you get right before you sneeze. Now imagine that times 1357. Stretching it was the biggest pain of all (literally). 

      Gotta love your ginger snaps!!

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