Saturday, December 27, 2014

Time of the season

      I have a picture of myself and cousin Mathyou (seen above) as kiddos on Christmas. I was wearing a Blue's Clues sweater (even though I hated Blue's Clues). Matt was wearing a nifty toddler button up. 13-years later we sit on Christmas with myself wearing a Grinch sweater, and Matt a button up. 

      Second time the past month I got to see my munchkin Angelika!! I haven't seen her in 2-years before then. Notice the sass expressions we coincidentally have on our faces? Sass runs in the family. 

     My step niece seems to find me rather strange. It's straight, I'm used to it by now. Last time we saw each other was the day I started hula hooping (4th of July, 2011). She's taller than me now, dressed rather sophisticated. Girl got style. 

      Here's the egotistical part of the Christmas post!

      This boy I've been chilling with got me hooked on these Garbage Pail Kids trading stickers. They're each a punny name with an image of the particular character. The back of each is part if a puzzle you can create after collecting he right ones of the collection. 

      How'd the holiday go for yourself, most interesting thing that happened?

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