Friday, December 5, 2014

Travel essentials

      Traveling is something we can all say is enjoyable. Packing on the other hand...not so much. Here's a breakdown of the essentials.

      You're going to want to document life, and especially the places you go. Whether it's a Canon Rebel or disposable's worth the investment. Nothing like pictures to look back on. 

      Anybody can read the time on their phone. So why have a watch? Because it's far more reliable with a lower chance of getting misplaced. Not to mention they're rather classy. 

      Multiple pairs of shoes. At least two. I've always run into some problem when only going with the shoes on my feet. 

      The majority of the time you travel, you'll be using a rental car. Jumper cables are always a handy tool to have on hand. Better safe than sorry. 

      Which brings us to our conclusion, transportation. It's literally your everything when traveling. Unlike your average car rental business, RelayRides allows you to rent out your car to local tourists. While on the other hand, it's a convenient tool to use when renting. Everything's much more personal, especially considering the owner has lived in the place you're exploring for a few good years at least. Be sure to keep RelayRides in mind when on the road, or maybe when you need some extra cash. 


  1. A camera is must!

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  2. I was struggle with whether or not to bring my camera when I travel. I'm so afraid something will happen to it, so I just use my phone for pics. I use Uber for taxi service. They're really convenient too.

    1. I'm always afraid of losing or damaging my camera on trips too.