Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little Miss Sunshine

      I walk up into my grandparents house to see my 7-year-old sidekick Angelika crying in the living room. I run in there and hug her, talk to her, and eventually practice her spelling words. Really rootin she gets 'Blizzard' down! The point is that it was horrible having to come in to see her upset, no matter what about. 

      Eventually we adventured outside. I rocked her scarf and frozen hat. Hehe. 

      We had a snowball fight. The snow was really fluffy, but there were still chunks? Lol. Angelika looks so pumped to strike me with those snowballs after the picture, Haha. 

My homegirl of course has an awesome pet. This tree frog was adorable yet slimey ahaha. 

      Just stuck like those hand stickey things from the fifty cent machine as it glided do often. You do know those slimey stickey hands you'd throw and it sticks into glass for 50 cents - Promise.

      We be crazy. I love when she sees my facial expression in the camera eventually, ahaha. 

      She insisted I get a picture with no glasses, so I had her put on the nerdy shades. I'll see little miss later after she gets outta school today, glad I've been able to spend more time with her. 

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