Saturday, February 14, 2015

New hairstyle you can't possibly dread

(Get the pun in the intro title? Hah, love me some good ole puns)

      I'm in love with my natural hair since it's been back. My hair is somewhat tucked into the beanie, no cuts for quite some time still. I'm also avoiding any more dyes! Definitely plan growing it out until I'm lookin as fly as The Little Mermaid. Hehe. That doesn't mean I can't add a little pizzazz, like my first dread lock!! 

      Without the nasty globy wax and other substances, I managed to form the dread within 2-weeks. Just had to keep twisting, ratting, and used the rubber bands for only the first week. Dig my bead stylin in the middle? Made it myself using polymer clay. I really dig the colors, reminds me of planet Earth!

      What's something you could do to jazz up your locks? 
      I'd love to hear your input!! 


  1. I've recently had to give my hair the big chop and going back to my natural colour recently. I have been dying it red for the longest time, but it has just gotten drier and fuzzier as time goes on and it was pretty gross. So I dyed it back to my natural colour and now to grow it out again... :P I love yoiur hair could, its the colour I wish mine would be without help.
    - Sarah

    1. I do love being a ginger, and compliments like that mean a lot to me. Thank you!