Monday, February 9, 2015

Room for success

      What's a better way to start the new year off than making room for success? There's plenty on my plate I could do without, and plan to go without by 2016. 

      If quitting smoking was as easy as getting hooked, I would've quit years ago. At 14-years-old I smoked my first cigarette..that's almost 8-years of smoking! Not sure how I'm going to go about quitting, but once I do I'll be sure to post about how awesome I feel. 

      Friends don't let friends befriend enemies..right? Wrong. I've put trust and respect into far too many people. Not necessarily because they're worth giving it to, but for other friends or family's sake. I can accept being respectful to certain others, but befriending isn't always necessary. 

      With my medications I shouldn't consume alcohol. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of drinking to begin with. I will miss my whiskey though! Once smoking is legal life will be much less stressful. 
Hair dye 
      Being a ginger has it's ups. Honestly there's not many downs on the ginger life. My natural hair color blends nicely with my skin complexion and looks like natural beauty. Not having to worry about retouching roots or frying my hair will spare me lots of time (and keep my locks nice and healthy). 

Meat & Dairy
      Yes, by the end of this year I plan to eat a vegan diet. After reading parts of an "in disguise vegan book", I'm pretty disgusted with the negative health impact from the average diet.

      What's something you could go without this year?



  1. You could always try Ecig. The vapor cost $7 bucks a week if I remember correctly. My sweetie is now on that and hasn't smoked in 2 mths and that's a plus.

    1. I don't like them as much, but they do seem to help a lot of people!!

  2. Good for you! These are great goals. I set some goals for myself at the beginning of the year. I'm a Vegetarian but I'm a pretty crappy one... I eat SO many sweets! I'm trying to cut down on my sweets consumption this year. I've completely cut out soda, so that's a huge deal for me because I'm sort of addicted... Other than that, I'm trying to rid myself of negative people as well, and be more at peace, do yoga more often, and take care of my body. I'm almost 30! Ahhh!