Sunday, March 29, 2015

First world problems to the max

      5:00am yesterday morning everybody in Michgan was notified of an Amber Alert via smartphones. My first thought, well this sure will help find her...just need more information. 

      Later on that day Facebook is blown up about the inconvenience it was to have woken them up so early on a Saturday. Uhm...I'm sorry what's your problem again, sleeping in? Yeah well somebody's child was abducted. There's far worse things to bitch about than an emergency alert at 5am. 

      6-year-old Hailey was found thanks to the smartphone amber alert. She was abducted by her father. Who threatened to harm himself and his daughter before taking off. Thankfully she's safe now. Click here to keep updates on Amber Alerts around you!


  1. Wow, people are crazy! The dad who abducted his daughter AND the people complaining that it woke them up early. I'm glad that Hailey was found and is safe now though.


  2. Some people are so stupid. :-/
    Thanks, for your lovely comment...

  3. Seriously people complained about that? And why does it seem like 9/10 when that happens it is a family member? Crazy!