Monday, July 20, 2015

That unforgettable summer

      Growing up was amazing. Aaron Carter poster, lampshade decked out in hearts by my mother, American Girl dolls. Clearly I had amazing interior decor. I'm the littleun on the right representin' Old Navy. My best friend Ellie from ballet is littleun on the left. Ellie was British, and only stayed in the states for a year. Something having to do with her fathers job. 

      That summer on our way to the local beach we couldn't find something, and Ellie suggests looking in the boot. She meant the trunk. After making it to the beach I was pumped for Ellie to bury me in the sand, assisted by my sister and her boyfriend. Once I lost control of my arm movement I called quits. From what I remember they continued. My sister's boyfriend convinced me it's okay because he's the lifeguard or some shit he was the lifeguard...

      Here's Ellie left and myself right today. She's still in England but has plans to visit the states. We haven't seen each other since 2002...I don't know what to expect.