Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer time, the livin's easy

        Coming out of the psych ward last summer was finding the glimpse of light, the way out of the rabbit hole. This summer I climbed my way out. 

      Last summer around this time I was fresh out of the psych ward. Everything seemed more realistic. Including coming home to my brother's wonderful flea now distanced junkie buddy, brother, a black dude we know, and myself tore the carpet out. Ditched the furniture, sprayed down the house. Let's just say he no longer has a flea problem. On the contrary, I still only focused on helping others and no occupation. 

      This summer I'm living in my own home.Three days a week I babysit two adorable toddler girls. My hooping skills have improved, and I had an offer for three gigs. In the above picture you'll see the amazing friend I met this summer. Currently training her to hoop dance. A man as crazy as myself in different ways came into my life, stole my heart, and brought me to reality.