Saturday, September 26, 2015

The versatile blogger award


I've been nominated by Stevehan, an amazing creative writer. Thank you Stevehan! This gives me a lot more confidence in my writing.

Thank the person who gave you this award
Include a link to their blog
Choose 15 blogs that you've recently discovered, or follow regularly
Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

7 random facts about myself
- I'm a natural red head
- I was in ballet for 12-years
- I love spending time with children
- I was born in Detroit, MI
(Raised in metro Detroit)
- I dream to perform dancing and flow arts.
- When I was 13-years-old a poem of mine was published in a book.
- I prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi because it has more carbonation. I don't even like the flavor cola.
- I refuse to have more than one cat (My fluff ball Gypsy), because I fear I'll become a crazy cat lady.

I nominate the following bloggers
Josie, Cat, Areeba, Iris, Anna, Kim, Kitten Vixen, Jenna, Natalie, HAWWA, Devonshi, Karen, Selly, B, Brandi


  1. First of all, i dont know that i actually write good. lol. But thanks for the complements though! i shared it on facebook! ahhahaha,

    I am interested about you being a red headed one. You guys there from west gives me curiosity, like, i wanna see natural sliver headed and red headed people,. like you guys are special.

    I see that you have talents in writing, like, ive never got any writes up and published in a book!, like that is wow! and ballet? my gawdness! that's a real talent there!

    Nice to know you more harlyn!

    1. You're an amazing creative writer! Us red heads are hot headed, haha. Silver heads!?
      Glad you enjoyed reading!

    2. sorry, it should be platinum. lol

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  3. congrats on your award girl!! nice facts thanks for sharing!! wld love it if u drop by! ¨

    1. Thanks!! I see you read fashion blogger,will definitely check out your site.

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