Sunday, January 10, 2016

Daily benefits that will change the way you live

      With these simple steps, you'll feel younger and healthier. Waking up before sunrise is a fresh start to a new day.  If you're used to waking up at noon shoot for 11am and slowly but surely you'll grasp a full day's schedule. 

      The first meal you eat boosts your metabolism and keeps you energized. Skipping out can mentally and physically strain your body. 

      Exercise doesn't mean push ups and weights. Find a sport you're into, do yoga, even walking your dog. I lost 100lbs after taking up hula hooping. If I can do it, so can you! 

      Cooking at home becomes a habit after so long. McDonalds toys may be appealing but it'll go a long way simply cooking at home. 

      Procrastinators unite tomorrow. Stop holding things off. You have a month before you have to complete a task? Start now to relieve stress later. 

      Ditch that elevator! Have you seen the movie Tower of Terror? Maybe that will motivate you. Whenever I have the option, steps are my way up or down a few floors. 

      Green tea both boosts your metabolism and is jam packed with nutrients your body needs. Prenatal vitamins are also a great thing to get in the habit of taking daily. 

      Pictures by Cure Joy, find them on Facebook for the whole list! 


  1. Get up with me girl please


    1. Something I'm already working on too!