Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ModCloth favorites

      99.9% of us love ModCloth. Modern, Retro and Vintage clothes, house ware, accessories, etc. Here's a few of my current favorites. 

      I've always wanted to start the fresh year with a 365-day question journal. This book asks questions each day, and you keep it to answer the same questions the following 5-years. 

      Mermaids have interested me since a child. Maybe because the only red headed princess was Ariel? This book is packed with the mystical legends of mermaids!

      I've recently taken a love for sea horses. This pillow would fit fabulous in my newly renovated home that were still in the process of. The colors also grasped my attention. 

      The only clothes pins I'd consider investing in. As a fellow circus freak these suit me well. I love the contortionist and unicyclist. 

      The solar system set. I'm in much need of new plates, bowls, etc. Learn the rotation of each planet as you eat. 

      As a hippie at heart I'm in love with this! The colors and weave are stunning. Sometimes I want to get my Pocahontas on, even if I'd dress with it more 60's style. 

      Can't go wrong with flannel. Ever.

      The fit of this dress, colors, and length have my heart. Yellow is a recent favorite of mine. It's hard coordinating colors when you're s redhead!

      Love these! Can you say hula hoop attire!? Work out clothes at its best. They are probably super cozy too. 
      Be sure to visit ModCloth's site for more!