Monday, March 21, 2016

The living space you've always wanted

      As a child-care provider my living room is dedicated to the munchkins. The main room we've created into our living room. The one I imagined having only in my dreams kinda like having my personal dance studio. As you can see, my beautiful longboard is put on display when I'm not using it. We plan to get another for decoration since we know I'll wear out this one. The Pink Floyd puzzle in display look familiar? Glued that sucker and put them booties on display. The top right corner is a canvas painting by my significant other's mother, of her mother. The canvas cat in the middle left I like to point out as my fat cat looking at cheese. The 4-year-old I babysit laughed her ass off when I told her. 
      Mini pictures not seen well include the Detroit skyline, a kawaii bear puking cupcakes, and my favorite...the girl lighting a cigarette with a Hanukkah candle. 

      Another partial finished wall. We have backlights so we're addicted to these bright posters. They're the kind of picture with the black fuzzy fabric that kids color in with marker. Of course these ones are printed at a local shop. The top right mouse is my favorite. He's smoking, sees a nice bigger fatty, but in a mouse trap. However, it's wrapped in the American flag. America's a trap, that's what I got out of it. The middle left I found on eBay for $1.78 free shipping. It's all the constellations, with the zodiac pointed out and connected. Also glows in the dark, and looks badass under the lights. 

      What's your taste when it comes to interior decor? 


  1. That's fantastic! Very trippy room.

  2. I love this! I used to decorate my room with band posters and song lyrics that I sharpie'd on the wall, but now it's been a lot more minimalist; elephant poster, buddha poster and my half-marathon medal holder.

    1. What a switch! I used to write on my walls and have posters or ripped magazine pics/notes or drawings from friends. Splattered paint on one wall. My mum redid my old room at home for her puppies though, haha.

  3. Those are all really cool touches, especially the puking bear and Hanukkah candle lighting a cigarette (even if they can't be seen). Who wouldn't love that?

    My gay-brother in law did all of the interior decorating in this house, and it's way better than anything I could ever manage by myself. So I figure if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  4. I love the artwork in your space!

  5. so awesomeeeeee!!! :D

    Matilde Sunshine