Monday, June 20, 2016

Peace of mind

      These three keys will bring stability, balance, and peace of mind. 

      One to make you money

      I've always had a wild imagination. Learned a few years ago having imaginary friends is an illness? As a child I had many real and imaginary friends. Since a kid I'd daydream about the future or past, and how I'd change it. Aside an imagination comes children. What makes me money? Childcare

      One to keep you in shape

      Half a year on the WiiFit I shed 15lbs. That summer hula hooping came into my life. In result, shed 100lbs. Dancing was always my favorite sport, and keeps me in good shape. 
*Nutritional cooking should be an additional hobby to keep me in shape...

      One to be creative

      The creativity in me shifts. One week I'm hemp wrapping, the next I'm painting. Obviously, creative writing is a favored art!

      What makes you money?

      What keeps you fit/healthy?

      What brings your creativity out


  1. This is cute. I had very complicated story lines involving imaginary friends I carried around in my head as a child. Some of them I've continued with to the present day. I used to think this made me a freak of some kind. There are people who do that, though, or so the people in my head assure me. :)

    1. Haha sounds like a conscious!
      I know very little about your culture (which is also why I love your blog). So don't be offended by this question! Would you be looked down upon as a child having imaginary friends?

    2. Not as a child, and even beyond that, my parents are wise enough that they would recognize a creative kid.

      Back where my family is from, there would eventually be talk of jinn (evil spirits, basically) if it went on beyond childhood.

    3. Your creative mind is interesting. :)

  2. I never really had imaginary friends as a child. I tried to make one but didn't work out

    1. LOL
      " I tried to make one but it didn't work"
      Mine just came into my life one day...but they'd change/more would join.
      We all already know I'm a crazy.

  3. I stay in shape working on our yard!

    1. That definitely keeps you in shape and healthy!! Vitamin D, outdoors keep my anxiety to a low, and it's relaxing!

  4. Where was this meme 20 years ago? You've found some great ways to put your creativity to good use. Did you seriously lose 100 lbs from hula hooping? That's frickin amazing! And you've got a creative bunch of kids there. Very talented.

    I only have one hobby, and it doesnt keep me fit or creative. It might make me money but for the fact that when I try to extract profit from my sports card collection I end up getting very stressed out that I'm always selling at the wrong time or for the wrong amount. It feels like I'm playing the stock market or gambling at a casino, and so I prefer to collect for fun.

    Also, I had imaginary friends and I still do talk to myself often (cause no one else will listen)... I used to read and write YA stories but there was no time to be creative once the kidlets arrived. The lack of a healthy hobby is its own long story, though I will say I've dreamt of running marathons or something.

    1. Sports cards and comics can both be found for a huge discount or sold as full price. The issue is everybody looks for flea market price. Maybe you should keep collecting if you enjoy it! They will eventually be vintage, players die, etc, and value for the card sky rockets.
      You're right. Similar to stocks.
      You can even pass them onto your son or grandson and they'll have your vintage card collection.

      I talk to myself too. When I ramble nobody seems to listen anyways haha.

      You should join a marathon. I'm serious, make a goal and sign up for one now in advance or get a schedule. I wanna see a post on your experience!!!!

    2. And yes, I lost that much weight by hula hooping.
      Never thought I'd say that in life. Lol

    3. You sound like a collector with that knowledge. Are you a comic book girl by any chance? Or sports/cards? Either way I'm impressed.

      The hula hooping is more impressive though ;D

      As for the marathon running...I'm not close to being ready. If you're still following me in 5 years maybe I'll have a post for you. But thanks for the encouragement! I might actually consider it now.

  5. What an accomplishment to lose so much weight and get super healthy via exercise that's fun, too! Loved reading this post!!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  6. My creative energy is everywhere too!

  7. I'll tella youse how to get peace of mind, dear: NOT anything on this earth. Bummer, huh? God is peace: peace can only arrive when we looky-up and be at One with Him by letting HIM direct our finite existence. Lemme add summore thots, girl...

    If 'freedom lies in being bold' (Robert Frost), doesn't pushing-the-envelope also result in the Elysian Fields of Utopia? If I'm the sower, we plant the Seed; if I'm an artist, we RITE the symphonies heard Upstairs ☆IF☆ we accept His lead withe orchestra...

    Wanna find-out the fax, Jak, in a wurld fulla the 'power of cowards'? Wanna wiseabove to help a 'Plethora Of Wurdz' [POW!] which are look'n for a new home in thy novelty?? Yay!

    Q: But [gulp] can anyone tell me the difference between K2/IQ? A: Nthn. In Heaven, we gitt'm both for eternity HA! Need a few more thots, ideers, wild wurdz (whoa, Nelly! easy, girl!) or ironclad iconoclasms?

    VERBUM SAT SAPIENTI (Latin: words to [the] wise): As an ex-writer of the sassy, savvy, schizophenia we all go thro in this lifelong demise, I just wanna help U.S. git past the ping-pong-politixx, the whorizontal more!ass! we're in and wiseabove to 'in fine sine fine' (Latin: in [the] End without End -Saint Augustine).

    "This finite existence is only a test, son," God Almighty told me in my coma. "Far beyond thy earthly tempest is where you'll find tangible, corpulent eloquence". Lemme tella youse without d'New Joisey accent...

    I actually saw Seventh-Heaven when we died: you couldn't GET!! any moe curly, party-hardy-endorphins, low-hanging-fruit of the Celestial Paradise, extravagantly-surplus-lush Upstairs (awww! baby kitties, too!!) when my o-so-beautifull, brilliant, bombastic girly passed-away due to those wry, sardonic satires...

    "Those who are wise will shine as brightly as the expanse of the Heavens, and those who have instructed many in uprightousness as bright as stars for all eternity" -Daniel 12:3, NJB

    Here's also what the prolific, exquisite GODy sed: 'the more you shall honor Me, the more I shall bless you' -the Infant Jesus of Prague.

    Go gitt'm, girly. You're incredible. You're indelible. Cya Upstairs. I won't be joining'm in the nasty Abyss where Isis prowls
    Revelation 14:13
    PS Need summore unique, uncivilized, useless names?? Lemme gonna gitcha started, brudda:

    Oak Woods, Franky Sparks, Athena Noble, Autumn Rose, Faith Bishop, Dolly Martin, Willow Rhodes, Cocoa Major, Roman Stone, Bullwark Burnhart, Magnus Wilde, Kardiak Arrest, Will Wright, Goldy Silvers, Penelope Summers, Sophie Sharp, Violet Snow, Lizzy Roach, BoxxaRoxx, Aunty Dotey, Romero Stark, Zacharia Neptoon, Mercurio Morrissey, Fritz & Felix Franz, Victor Payne, Isabella Silverstein, Mercedes Kennedy, Redd Rust, Phoenix Martini, Ivy Squire, Sauer Wolfe, Yankee Cooky, blessed b9... (or mixNmatch)

    God blessa youse
    -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL