Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Crazy 8

Age: 14 - 23
Visits: 8

      I'm not just a broken record. Imagine a "Benny and the Jets" record broken. That's me. 

      Third stay at an adult ward. First experience having a patient go through electro shock therapy (I thought that was illegal?).

      A fellow patient had allegedly gotten kicked out smoking in his bathroom. Soooo I smuggled in a cigarette and lighter. To the bathroom I went! Lit up. Blew a little smoke outside my bathroom door. Nothing. Blew it towards the smoke detector. Nothing. Blew it outside my bedroom door. NOTHING
      Ended up having to bribe a fellow friend with Reese's to snitch. Not straight up snitch, they'd find it odd we're still chill after. So she paced the hall, complained of smoke, and the search began
      The outcome was a warning of a $500 fine. Was also offered a nicotine patch. 

      Overall I did learn a lot this round. Discovered new things, focused only on myself. Additionally, I knew I was whack beforehand. Usually I'd think I'm "normal" and ignore all the info given. Let's hope it stays at 8. I know it will. 


  1. I didn't know that they still did shock therapy.

    I learned from your stay that they still do shock therapy in 2016.

    I hope you go in a great direction from here.

    1. Haha yeah it threw me off.
      And me too..

  2. Shock therapy is still a thing?? Omg.
    Sending you hugs!!

  3. Wait. wait. what happened?????????????????????????????? Sending love and hug!

    1. I'm an evil maniac with anger, they don't mix very well. Love your support as a reader Tracy. You're more of a blogger friend to me now. :)
      I shot you an e-mail awhile back about blog stuff by the way.

  4. You are not! You are fab! Thanks for the compliment! and for the e-mail, I am just too fat for now1

    1. Here's where the record breaks
      "Buh buh buh Benny and the jets...BENNY BENNY BENNY BENY BENY BENY BENY BENY". Haha.
      Hush about being fat!!! >:(