Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tastes at the moment

Still into that murder rap. Having a taste for reggae lately. 

Living in a post-apocalyptic world due to the complete loss of Internet.
Check out the author's blog A Beer for the Shower.

Creative writing, baking (still horrible), and jewlery making. 

Why the hell would I talk politics on my blog? 

Circus arts of course! This month is my 5-year-hoopiversary. I've messed with poi in the past. Now giving it a shot with double hoops vs. weighted tassels. 

Something random that happened this week
Learned card tricks. One of the two card tricks literally is magic. I have no friggen idea how it actually works. Every. Single. Time. 

Feel free to join in and post your at the moment tastes. Try to link back to Mind Your Madness. 


  1. "Why the hell would I talk politics on my blog?" BAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love it

    Stealing this from you probably, but will of course link it back to you.

    1. Mucho gracias!
      Annnnd I'm glad ya feel me with political talk. Haha

  2. Those Beer for the Shower boys are hilarious! I try not to talk politics either (too depressing and divisive) but I occasionally let my views slip into a post. As for music, I am all about FOB right now. Cant get into the murder rap, though I did listen to a little Dre and Snoop back in the day.

    p.s. I posted my kidnapping story, as requested ;-)

  3. We only talk politics when it's like today and it's one big joke. Arguing about views that will never change is about as fun as being the subject of a murder rap song.

    Also, thanks for the shoutout! More than anything, we're just glad to hear you're enjoying it.

    1. If the joke doesn't necessarily give away your political view that's chill. Actually, just write you're saying in general it's clever/funny. Since it will be offensive to a particular party.
      And no problemo!

  4. I'm so glad you don't talk about politics on your blog! But even worse are those that talk about religion! Ahhhhh if they start talking about religion, I'm out! Haha..I know, heathen!

    1. Yeahhhhhhhh morals in general, unless it's like cultural traditions.

  5. Ugh, we are trying to clean out the entire house and garage in the high 90's heat and humidity , with a dumpster here for only nine more days...and I thought I hated life before...wait, this is an opportunity I forgot! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Love you!

    1. You should donate a ton of it, unless it's all trash.
      Looking on the bright side finally? ;p