Friday, July 8, 2016

Lotion for the skin

      For the summer, invested in Jergan's 3-day to natural glow lotion for the skin. As a ginger, I expected an odd color (if any) on my pasty pale skin. To my surprise, this stuff worked even for me. Literally a natural looking tan. The pigment of my skin seemed to slowly shift. No issues with hand, feet, or general color blobs. This is not sponsored content. I'm just in love. 

      Pixels blurred for better show of skin color appearance 

Unless you're a natural tanner, snatch one of these for the summer. 
Great for natural tanners to get that glow for winter seasons. 
Health too. Less tanning bed time!


  1. That's awesome! I've used it before. I like the Loreal one too. You've just got to use a mitt and be careful. Honestly, I've tried the high end ones in Sephora and the drugstore stuff works just as well!! Xxoo

  2. That was such a nice thing you said to me and thank you for the blogger info...I just feel too fat and depressed to start blogging again, but thank you so much anyhow, Sweetie! Love your blog tons! :)

    1. You can't be too fat to start a blog!?
      I'm glad you enjoy mine!
      I'd love to still help if you need any.