Monday, July 25, 2016


"No fear
No distractions 
Let that which does not truly matter slide."


Sometimes we need to run away. Sometimes I literally want to run, not caring where I end up. It's been exactly a year since life became a living nightmare. Instead of running I go to my happy place. 

A memory. 
From childhood.

I feel the bottom of the shallow pool
I smell fresh air
I taste lemonade
I see the favored tree right outside the fence
I hear the splashing

Open my eyes remembering reality was, and can again, be amazing.


  1. Yes life can be hard at times but it is nice to just remember think of things that make you happy! :)

  2. I wish I had your I am just a super fat nothing! But I love tou1

  3. I wish I could be like you...but now I am dying of fatness and nothingness....I am so sorry to use you :(

    1. You gotta stop putting yourself down!
      Go to your happy place.
      Let all that which does not truly matter...slide.

  4. You're such an amazing young lady!! I love your way with words...I myself have struggled with my fair share of life's shit (eating disorder, depression, abusive relationship etc). The struggle in my head has always been the most difficult for me to overcome.
    With that being said, I promise you fate has something great waiting for you. They say they make the strongest people endure the most in life because of what greatness is in store. Never thought I'd be married and as happy as I am today and I attest a lot of where I am now to what I've been through. I'm sending you many positive vibes!!! xxooo

    1. I'm sorry you've dealt with horrible mind games...
      Glad to hear you're done with them and truly happy. Thanks for the vibes, and the hope.

  5. It's good to have a happy place. Lord knows we all need one.


  6. Sure do! I still have to make the bodies video too! haha