Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last Christmas I gave you my heart

      This Christmas I got the most amazing gifts. Except the 2000 piece mandala coloring puzzle for my little cousin. No idea how that works, didn't think it through.
      Pup dope soap on a rope for brother & his fiance. Founders of Dope on a rope soap.
      The best of all was from the heart.
A scrapbook for my faja of his mother's childhood - now.
      I've made family scrapbooks but this one was special.

      Because we know nothing of her side of the family.
Thanks to my great grandpa changing his last name...

      Last month my wonderful cousin informed me my grandma's childhood pictures still existed. Gave me prints. Here's a few of my favorites.

One of two pictures of my great grandpa. My grandma on the far right
Notice the smile on his face? It's sincere. Unposed. Pure happiness. I Love it. Rare for the 1920's.

Grandma on the left with her tap shoes. Explains the dancing in my blood.

Does every grandma have a sexy beach pic? Mine do. I'd like to hang them up framed side by side.

       Given a picture of my great grandpa's obituary card too. Obviously
I gave the cemetary a call. Found his grave location, year he died, and his middle name

      Ironically my faja got me a DNA testing kit for christmas. You send it in, tells your ethnicity percentages.

      This will be an excellent 2017 adventure for my family and I.


  1. Hey that's cool.

    You put a lot of thought into what you get people you love.

    Hope the mandala works out.

    1. Haha I know! Hope she figures it out.

  2. I took it before I was

    52% Irish (which includes Scotland, should have been called Gaelic)

    26 Western Europe (France to Germany roughly)

    8% Scandinavian

    7% British

    3% Spanish and/or Portuguese

    3% Greek and/or Italian

    1% or less European Jewish.

    1. It's accurate!?
      Now I'm anxious to do mine. ..

  3. Great pictures! Do you reckon some day people will be looking at our pictures too? "Here's a really old one from 2017..."

    Happy New Year!

  4. Wow! i love the pic's and you got some amazimg presies I got the DNA too...I haven't sent it in yet.....have you? For some reason, I am afraid of the results! Sendning lots of love to you!

    1. I'm scared I'll be something crazy. Lol

  5. What awesome pictures. My grandma doesn't have a sexy beach pic but she does have a sexy outdoor pic. Did I just call my grandma sexy? Weird. Well, she was quite a looker.

    I just got one of those DNA test kits, too. I'm curious to see what exactly I am. You going to post the results when you get them?

    1. Grandma's had class. Weren't all about duck face and ass. Lol.
      Of course I'll be posting the results! Hope you do too!