Thursday, January 12, 2017

Love vs fear

      Is it better to be loved or feared?
"That's a good question. It's great to be both, but it's very difficult. But if I had my choice, I would rather be feared. Fear lasts longer than love."
- Sonny

      They protect you.
      Farmers give you complimentary produce, fresh off the money trees.
      They give a hand when needed.
      A shoulder to cry on.
      A place to call home.
      They support your decisions.
      They laugh at your jokes.
      They listen to your rants.
      They stand by your side.

      They feel obligated to do these things.
Because they fear the outcome of not doing so.
      Or maybe they sincerely want to do these things.
      Because they love you.
      If I had my choice, I'd rather be loved.


  1. I would rather be loved. People are always secretly p=plotting against that which they fear.

  2. Since I'm not a super-villain nor do I seek a position in the Trump administration, I see no sense in being feared.

  3. I would rather be loved. There is always underlying fear tho. Fear of not being loved, perhaps loving too much, or even falling out of it. With love there are countless possibilities. Where as with fear the outcome is always the same.

    1. ...word.
      I never thought about the fear of not being loved.
      It eats at me too much.