Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Greatest Showman fact and fiction

      About a year ago I had spent an unnecessary amount of time doing indepth research focused on the origin of the Circus. I tend to occasionally get hung up on a subject of nonsense from time to time... 

When I heard about a movie coming out focused on the creation of the Circus era,(The Greatest Showman) I was puuumped!

      There's not much need for a 
"Spoiler Alert"

      Hugh Jackman took on the part of P.T. Barnum. Opening Barnum's American museum in 1841. Located on the corner of Boradway in New York. 

The museum included wax figures replicating the famous, taxidermy animals, bullshit artifacts  (Such as the skeleton of a mermaid), and the well known freak show gang.

Many characters from the film portrayed real people involved with the original freak show.

Why was the museum really burnt down?

The movie shows a random mob of drunks protesting the freak show. Starting the arsen to rid the "monsters".

In was caused for political reasons. 

A group of eight southerners known as The Confederate Army of Manhattan created multiple arsens in New York. The plan was to overwhelm firefighting resources within the city.

Was Zac Efron supposed to be Bailey?

No. Zac Efron was just thrown into yet another musical because he's Zac Efron. Bailey had a circus of his own (Cooper and Bailey Circus). It wasnt until the 1880's that the two decided to team up.

Creating The Barnum and Bailey Circus.
Also known as...
 The Greatest Show on Earth

Wait...What about the Ringling Bros?

- Ringling Bros circus didn't opened until the 1870's. The show consisted of tje seven brothers each performed various circus acts.

- Within the next decade, the brothers caught the eye of Barnum & Bailey. Merging with eachother as one circus in the 1880's. 

Current day Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus
Shut down in 2017 by the Animal Rights Movement. You can thank PETA for the 36-years of protests. Thank you PETA, for making my dreams of performing that much harder.


  1. Hi Harlynn, So happy to see you posting again! Are you back to doing Circus Arts? It looks amazing. Hope you are doing good. Sending Love

    1. The end of the month I'll be back at it! Hope you're doing well also!

  2. Have to love how Hollywood goes all "true story" when really they take so many liberties that it comes our fiction.

  3. Thanks for doing all this great research. I didn't know this.

    The kitty isn't mine on my Feline Friday post. I wish it was. You are most welcome to play along this coming Friday.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. Learn something new every day, haha.
      I definitely will be joining!

  4. Circuses are always fascinating ~ great post and bet you enjoyed the movie ~

    Happy Sunday,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Wasn't a fan of it being a musical, but it was overall pretty good!

  5. Circuses with animals in them have been banned for a loooooong time in my city. Which I am not entirely sad about. Those with human performers are welcome.
    The old circuses must have been an incredibly hard life - for man, woman and beast.

    1. Honestly I don't see why they didn't just ban the animals vs shut the whole thing down.
      Those last words, truth. Literal truth.

  6. Circus acts, the people and the trained domesticated animals like dogs and horses, are going to be missed very much.

    Fascinating facts about circuses, thank you!

  7. I haven't watched this movie but do know someone who worked on the set - circuses give me a little bit of anxiety, not going to lie

    1. Haha why the anxiety!?
      That's awesome you know someone who was on set!

  8. I don't know why they couldn't have done an animal-less circus. It can be done. They have the support from the crowds. I have seen videos of "training" of elephants it's pretty inhumane. I'm not sure how it is for other animals though.

    Though at the Shriners circus, I was kinda pulling for the tigers hahaha

    Speaking of Shriners its about half animals half human-only acts. They have a really talented latina woman who is gorgeous and she could do all the pretty dance and acrobat moves. And she can also get on a motorcycle and do the circle of death. That's pretty badass

    1. I wish there would be an all human act circus. Apparently unless you're a woman who can grow a beard or elephant man, they sprinkle on some animal acts.
      The circle of death!